Collectibles Challenge promotion at PokerStars

Take part in a new promotion from PokerStars called Collectibles Challenge, and collecting new, often and rarely seen collectible cards will bring you the chance to instantly win up to $3,000.

If you want to be able to win cash prizes up to $3,000, register to participate in the Collectibles Challenge at PokerStars, and immediately after confirming your desire to participate in the promotion, get the opportunity to have one free spin of a special wheel Collectibles Reel every day. Also, you can get an additional ticket for three spins for participating in three single-table tournaments or Spin&Go.

Each such ticket gives you the right to three spins of the Collectibles Reel wheel. Log into your account, then select “Game Tickets” in the “MyStars” section, and then select your ticket and use it for the intended purpose.

For a week, any player can spin the wheel a maximum of 67 times, and it’s better to start collecting collectible cards sooner so as not to miss any opportunity to win a cash prize.

Every new week you can get a ticket to an All-in Shootout tournament with a prize fund of $25,000, and this requires before Sunday to fill in the album one set of collectible cards or catch a rare card on the drum.

Also you can get instant cash prizes:

  • Collect a set of three cards (a prize of up to $1000)
  • Catch a rare collectible card (a prize of up to $3000)

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