Common Cents – tournament series with micro buy-ins at PokerStars

From June 24 to July 1, PokerStars will host “Common Cents” tournament series for players with small bankrolls. All tournaments in it will have buy-ins from 1 to 99 cents.

The total guarantee of 23 tournaments, included in the schedule of the series, will exceed 250 thousand dollars. Each day, there will be three events at 15:05, 18:05 and 20:05 GMT (except July 24). All three tournaments will be different from each other:

  • one will be a no-limit hold’em tournament with a standard increase in blinds;
  • the second is a super or hyperturbo event;
  • the third one will be played either on Omaha (1 tournament on 5 Card draw), or on hold’em, but in an unusual format (HU, 4-max tables, 75% Progressive KO and others).

June 16 at 18:05 GMT will also host a special tournament that will be similar to the last event of Common Cents – turbo Progressive KO for 11 cents with a guarantee of $2,500.

The first tournament of the series with a buy-in of only one cent will have a guarantee of $100,000. Five thousand of them will win the winner. Previous similar event in 2015 set a world record for the number of participants. In total, it was attended by 253,692 players. And at the same time the tournament still passed with an overlay of 75% of the guarantee.

The main event of Common Cents will begin on July 1. This tournament with a guarantee of $25,000 will have a buy-in of 99 cents.

Those players who register in the mission window devoted to the series and play at least four tournaments will receive a ticket to All-in Shootout Freeroll. It will be held on July 2, and its winner will receive $30,000 Platinum Pass.

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