Golden button challenges at PokerStars

PokerStars launched another promotion-challenge called “Golden Button Challenge”. Participation in it requires daily registration. To do this, in the task window in the poker client, you must select the window of this promotion and click on the “Start” button. Challenges change at four in the morning GMT.

After this, when playing for any cash tables for pot-limit and no-limit hold’em, you need to win several hands with an ace in hand, with at least four players at the table.

Completing one of the challenges , the player receives a part of the puzzle. If this was done at the button’s position, then two pieces of the puzzle (one regular and one gold) are given. There are eight ordinary and four gold fragments in the puzzle.

After the puzzle is completely filled, the player randomly receives one of the four prizes with varying degrees of probability.

Additional conditions:

  • Limits, on which you can perform tasks, and the size of the prize, except for the largest, will be displayed in the task window. They will be individual for each player;
  • If the distribution was won before the daily registration of the shares, it does not go into credit;
  • For the win with a pocket pair of aces, one piece of the puzzle is awarded;
  • Prizes for the puzzle the player receives instantly, they can be used without any restrictions.

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