Monster Series at PartyPoker – $2.7 million guaranteed

PartyPoker has announced a $2.7 million guaranteed Monster Series from Sunday April 29th until Sunday May 6th. The series is considerably different from when it was first played last October, with the majority of the buy-ins being reduced to give more players more opportunities to win a monster prize.

Each event with a numbered designation is divided into three separate tournaments, with a number of buy-ins from $0.44 to $33. Each day during the series, three tournaments will start simultaneously at 3:00pm, 5:00pm, 7:00pm, 9:00pm and 11:00pm (all times CET). The three tournaments will have a low buy-in ($0.44 to $1.50), a medium buy-in ($2.20 to $7.50) and a high buy-in ($11.00 to $33.00) enabling players to play in one, two or three events at the same time.

6-max, Progressive Knockout, Turbo – only the tournament format changes, and the opportunity to win big with a small buy-in remains unchanged!

Do not miss the biggest event of the series – Tournament Championship with a guarantee of $300 000! Enter the date of this significant tournament with a buy-in of $33 – Sunday, May 6 at 7:00pm CET.

Overall, there will be 120 unique tournaments to play in (123 tournaments if you are a female player), and entering most of them will not break the bank. As mentioned above, there is a strong likelihood of overlays in a number of events, so the opportunity exists for players to win far more money than if they were playing in “regular” tournaments at PartyPoker. It will certainly be worth reviewing the number of entries in each event as late registration draws to a close.

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