“Spin and Go 2X” at PokerStars

“Spin and Go 2X” missions return to PokerStars, and again each Spin&Go tournament with a multiplier of 2X brings you closer to an instant prize of up to $1,000!

What are the “Spin-and-Go 2X” missions?
At the beginning of each tournament, Spin&Go randomly determines its prize pool, which can be 10,000 times more than a buy-in.

If the counter shows 2X, and you take 1st or 2nd place, then points will be added to you, and you will approach the task.

Just register in the daily task and participate in spin-and-go tournaments with a multiplier of 2x to get the required number of points and get a prize. As soon as you score 100 points, we will credit your reward.

We will even credit you with 20 points for your first spin-and-go tournament. If in one of the spin-and-go tournaments you get a multiplier of 10X or higher, you immediately get 100 points and complete the task.

How to earn points?
After registering in the task window, you will receive points for 1 and 2 places in spin-and-go tournaments with a multiplier of 2X. If you take 3rd place, five points will be deducted.

Follow the instructions in the job window to find out the minimum buy-in amount, and how many points you can earn in each tournament.

Remember that the “Spin and Go 2X” task is available every day for a limited period, that is, you can receive rewards every day of the stock.

Guaranteed cash prizes
Each player who completed the “Spin and Go 2X” task will receive a guaranteed cash prize of up to $1,000. The size of the prize is determined randomly according to the probabilities specified in your task window. All the prizes you win can be seen in your task window. Prizes will be credited instantly without any restrictions.

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