Split Hold’em – brand new format of poker at PokerStars

Poker rooms have made the introduction of new game formats one of the ways to maintain interest in themselves from the players and increase their activity. Over the past 7 years, there have emerged as fundamentally new formats, such as fast poker or lottery SnG with a jackpot, and formats that online borrowed from offline poker.

One example of such a novelty was Split Holdem, or hold’em with a double board, from today it appeared in the lobby of PokerStars. It has been playing in live casinos for a long time already. While stated that this is only a trial run for an indefinite time.

Split Holdem differs from the usual no-limit hold’em for 6-max tables with a double board. Changing and the way to determine the winner in the hand. The whole bank wins only that hand, which turned out to be the oldest on both boards. Otherwise, the pot is divided in half between the strongest combinations of the first and second boards.

At the moment, the PokerStars client has eight new format limits from NL5 to NL2,000 with a maximum purchase of 80BB. Also in Split Holdem, the principle of random landing for tables is implemented. The player can select a limit and click “Play Now” – and he will automatically sit at any table with a free seat of this limit.

Most likely, the novelty will attract a lot of amateur players, and regulars will begin to develop strategies for a profitable game in Split Holdem.

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