“The Grand Hand” promotion at 888Poker – win up to $1000 every day

888Poker room launched a new “Grand Hand” poker promotion. From June 17 to August 7, any player who has made at least one deposit in the last year can become its participant.

Every day during the whole period of the promotion a player must win a hand deal with a certain hand, which is called the “Grand”. You can perform this task for both cash tables and tournaments, maximum two times per day. Both cards in the winning hand must be pocketed.

The conditions for the Grand Hand task at the cash tables:

  • the minimum limit is NL5;
  • the distribution must reach postflop.

Terms and conditions for the “Grand Hand” task in tournaments:

  • the minimum buy-in is $1;
  • distribution can be won on any street of trade.

For winning with the hand of the day, scratch cards are added, at which one of the prizes will randomly drop out:

  • a ticket for $6,000 Grand Hand tournament – 92.747%;
  • $1 in cash – 6%;
  • $10 in cash – 1.2%;
  • $100 in cash – 0.05%;
  • $1,000 in cash – 0.003%.

$6,000 Grand Hand Skills and $6,000 Grand Hand Lucky freerolls are held twice a day. The first – a standard tournament, the second – a lottery, for participation in which only registration is required.

The list of Grand Hands:

The full list can be found at 888Poker’s official website. Every day the first time the client starts, a pop-up window will appear with the hand of the current day. Change of hands takes place at night at 00.00 GMT.

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