$120 at poker missions from PartyPoker

Motivation – one of the most important components of a successful poker game. With the motivation a player can reach a high altitude in a poker career, and vice versa, without having a strong enough motivation, faced with the first failure, the player can quickly lose interest in the game. This is the reason why most of poker rooms try to give additional impetus to new players. Usually it’s given in the form of bonuses or freerolls for beginners, but poker rooms have recently begun to actively use “Poker Missions”. Such missions are very simple, the player receives a certain set of requirements, for example to play 5 tournaments or win 10 hands in a cash game, and the bonus is rewarded when they are completed, usually in the form of a tournament ticket or cash.

Poker tasks/ missions of Party Poker
Party Poker has launched one of the first poker missions, available to all new players of the room. Missions have gradation by type, for a cash game, MTT or SNG tournaments, and by difficulty. The more complex the mission, the more valuable prize a player receives. You can find missions in the game client, in “Missions”.

In order to begin completing the mission you must click on the icon of the selected mission in the dialog box, click on “Get started”. At the same time you can only do one task, if the player has not completed one and goes to another one, the previous automatically is placed to pause.

As it’s mentioned above, the game missions are divided by type: cash, S&G, MTT, and also there are a few specific tasks. Typical missions can only be completed in order from less complex to more complex, with a corresponding increase in the prize for performance. In total, 17 missions are available to each player of Party Poker, for completing of which the reward of $97 and another $19 in the form of tournament tickets are paid.

– Introductive mission of Party Poker: «Get started” – the first and simpliest mission to complete, it is enough to play 5 hands of Casual Cash Games and to win one hand of Casual Cash Games.

– Cash mission of Party Poker: a set of four missions “Monetary combination”, “Money match”, “Money sprint” and “Money champion.” All tasks are carried out for this type of cash tables, you must play a certain number of hands to win a few hands, the word combination, etc.

– SNG mission of Party Poker: the same set of 4 missions «Sit & Go Go Go», «Sit & Go for an encore,” “Marathon Sit & Go», «Sit & Go in the square”, all are played in order in the SNG format tournaments. Assignments are very simple, for example to play 5 tournaments, the get to the prizes or win the tournament.

– MTT mission of Party Poker: another set of four tasks “Tournament test”, “factor”, “Tournament success”, “Multi-tasking”, this time for MTT tournaments. Missions are like to play a certain number of hands in tournaments, get to the prizes and etc.

– Additional mission of Party Poker: a set of additional missions, which are not divided into groups. You can complete them in any order, the complexity is the same for all and rewards are from $10 to $30. Missions are called “Final hands”, “Pocket Cards”, “Easy Sit&Go mission”, “Extreme Sit&Go mission”.

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