$140 no deposit bonus in Titan Poker from YPC

Titan Poker – a poker room is part of the iPoker network and is one of the leaders of this network. Almost half of the network of Russian-speaking players plays in this room. What is not surprising, because Titan Poker for the most part focused on the players from the former Soviet Union. Moreover, in any other room there are no as many bonus offers as in the Titan Poker. All known sponsor websites give no deposit bonuses at Titan Poker. The most profitable bonus offer will be discussed in this article.

No deposit bonus of $140 from YourPokerCash is available to all who isn’t registered in Room yet, the bonus is given by parts, the first part of $10 the player receives right after approval of application (2-4 days), other $130 are paid equal by installments, for $5 for each 500 game points(CP). To remove the received bonus it is necessary to strum 2500 CP, 120 days are given. This bonus is available only to players from Russia, Ukraine and Latvia.

Room: Titan Poker
Sponsor website: YourPokerCash
Bonus amount: $10 + $130 additional bonus
After game conditions: 500 game points for each $5 bonus(2500 points to output)

More information about getting of a no deposit bonus in Titan Poker:

1. Register and verify the account on the website of the sponsor YourPokerCash (in detail about process of registration and verification read here)

2. Press a tab “Free bankrolls”, tick off in the column Titan Poker and press the button “Send request”.

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