6+ Hold’em (Short Deck Poker) will appear at PokerStars

Another novelty will soon appear at PokerStars. This time the user is waiting for familiar poker with a short deck called 6+ Hold’em, also known as Short Deck Poker.

The room itself has not yet announced any new game. Particularly attentive users of the community did not ignore the recent update of the PokerStars client.

How to play 6+ Hold’em and why is it loved?

First, hold’em with a short deck has basic rules, as in the usual No-Limit Hold’em, that is, everyone can play it. Secondly, it is faster and more dynamic. Chances to get pocket aces higher twice, players are much more likely to go on the flop and cling to it.

The main difference between 6+ Hold’em from the usual is the difference in the strength of the hands. Full House is weaker than a flush, and a set beats straight! By the way, the chance to collect a straight by the end of the hand is about 48%.

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