6+ Holdem will appear in the rooms of WPN from September 10

6+ Holdem game, which is gaining popularity in the poker world, will appear on WPN network (AmericasCardroom, BlackChipPoker, TruePoker) from September 10th – in the lobby of the rooms it will be possible to find cash games in hold’em with a short deck.

6+ Holdem or poker with a short deck has several beak differences from traditional Texas Hold’em.

First, as the name implies, the game does not use cards from 2 to 5.

The ranking of hands is also slightly different:

  • Royal Flush
  • straight flush
  • four of a kind
  • flush
  • full house
  • three of a kind
  • straight
  • two pairs
  • a pair
  • high card

In 6+ Holdem, an ace can be used both to create a junior straight A6789 and an ordinary high street 10JQKA.

Already on Monday, users (AmericasCardroom, BlackChipPoker, TruePoker) will be able to play in 6+ Holdem at different rates for two seats, six seats or full tables.

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