A new poker innovation – Flopomania from 888Poker

One of the leaders of the industry of online poker 888poker room presents its own innovative project Flopomania – a new game in which the flop is dealt in each hand.

“Less waiting – more action!” – G8 promised. Indeed, in a new game without preflop dynamic events will be plenty: every new hand begins already with the open flop, and all players can participate in it at the table.

So, the details. As you may have guessed, Flopomania does not have a preflop betting round, and there are no blinds. Instead, all players put an ante, get cards and immediately flop. The first word of the player to the left of the button – and then everything like ordinary Texas Hold’em.

According to the idea of ​​the authors of the project, now the participants will no longer have to throw away the cards pre-flop long and tediously, expecting a decent hand to enter the game. The action begins immediately, immediately, and you can take part in virtually every hand. It sounds like an excellent option for beginners and recreational players who need dynamic and exciting poker. As many poker as possible!

And that is not all. Flopomania has a mind-blowing version – Push-or-Fold. This option is even simpler and more dynamic. In the game Push-or-Fold Flopomania, the size of the possible bet is set in advance – and this is always all-in. In this version, you can bet only once per hand, and if someone has already moved all the chips to you, then the choice is limited to calling a push or fold. Exciting action and huge cans are guaranteed.

888poker Flopomania showed excellent performance on the very first day of launch. Compared with another innovative product of the “Eights”, the jackpot-SNG BLAST, the number of players who tested the new game in the first 24 hours, has grown by as much as 50%. At the same time the launch of Flopomania allowed to increase the total attendance of the room – the number of active players on the first Sunday after the start increased by 11%.

Given the innovative idea of ​​the new project, it’s no surprise that Flopomania demonstrates exceptional performance – the game has set a record for the number of flops seen by players in cash games for one day. But what is more remarkable, Flopomania significantly increased the number of hands played per unit of time. Now, the users of the room can play 15% of hands more compared to ordinary cash games in the 6-max format.

Finally, the launch of Flopomania played a decisive role in setting the G8’s own record – Sunday, which was marked by the presentation of the new game, became the largest in the room by the number of simultaneously open cash tables for the entire 2017 year.

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