A promotion for SNG players in the rooms of WPN Network

From May 5 to June 1 in the poker rooms of WPN network (AmericasCardroom, BlackChipPoker, TruePoker) to the prize fund of Sit&Crush Race will be added an additional $40,000 weekly. Those who fall into the top 60 players will receive an additional cash prize from $500 to $1000.

Also, players will be given the opportunity to earn more points in the standings of the race. If you
register in the On-Demand tournament before it starts, you will get points in double size.

Additional prizes for each race:

  • 1-20 place: $1000 each
  • 21-60 place: $500 each

The following races will be held in the following periods:

  • from 12th to 18th of May
  • from 19th to 25th of May
  • from May 26th to June 1st

You can also earn points in Sit & Crush races by playing regular sit and go or Jackpot Poker games.

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