A trip to Spain and gadgets from Apple at PokerGrant

On April 1, the tournament race starts at PokerGrant, during which all MTT-players will be able to get tickets to a special tournament where fantastic prizes for $5,000 will be played! The tournament will be held on April 30 at 20.00.

The main prize is a trip to Spain! Spain is one of the most pleasant country to travel. And Pokergrant gives an opportunity to visit this place with its hospitality, warm sea and bright sun!The room is ready to help the winner to choose a tour for the summer dates convenient for him. If desired, the player will be able to choose the tour independently, and Pokergrant will pay for it! The cost of the prize is $2000.

The silver winner will receive a 10-inch iPad Pro for 256 gb. The cost of the prize is $1070.

Well, for the “bronze” you will receive a special edition of the iPhone 7, the model RED. With each phone sold in this series, Apple makes a contribution to the international fund to combat the spread of HIV. We gladly support this noble initiative. The internal storage of the smartphone – 128 gb. The cost of the prize is $1030.

All other finalists will receive cash prizes:

4th place – $320
5th place – $30
6th place – $150
7th place – $100
8th place – $60
9th place – $40

Players who takes 1, 2 and 3 places, can also withdraw their prizes with money.

How to get a ticket to the tournament

To receive a ticket, you need to collect a combination of “Set” (three cards of the same denomination) one or several times in MTT on PokerGrant (only Hold’em), while having in your hand a pocket pair that coincides with the status of the player. It is also necessary that the player’s hand contains a card of his suit.

Example. Your status is Jack of spades. In this case, you need to have a pair of jacks (including a spades one) in your hands and collect a set of jacks in any hand of any tournament.

In tournaments with buy-in from $11 it’s enough to collect such a set only once, in tournaments from $4 you need to do it twice, in tournaments from $1 you have to collect three sets. If you twice collect the necessary set in the tournament for $2.20, and then once in the tournament for $5.50 – the task is completed, that is, the points are summed up. All details about the statuses of players on our site are here.

Please note that tickets will not be awarded to players instantly, but at intervals of 4-5 days.

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