Action Squad promotion at 888Poker

888poker represents Action Squad promotion, with a maximum winnings of $100,000. As part of the promo, players will be able to participate in free tournaments, win prizes in a new spinner, and also qualify for really large cash rewards in scratch cards.

Action Squad – these are three games, three superheroes and several different ways to get tasks, for which are laid scratch cards with large prizes.

So, to begin with, every 888poker depositor receives 3 free tickets for $3,000 Action Squad Tournaments. Players who have not yet contributed to the G8 can make a deposit with the promotional code SQUAD10 and also receive 3 tickets for the tournament stocks. These tournament events are of several types – each participant chooses the game according to his own taste:

  • Every day at 22:10 CET – $3,000 Blast Man Tournament – tournament in BLAST format, when from a certain moment all players at all tables go all-in until the winner is identified
  • Every day at 12:10 – $3,000 Captain Snap Tournament – SNAP tournament, its own version of poker with a fast fold from 888poker.
  • Every day at 16:10 – $3,000 Turbo Warrior Tournament – a tournament in the format of hyper-turbo with two-minute blinds.

Top-888 of each Action Squad tournament, in addition to the prize money, receive a scratch card SuperPower, in which you can win up to $100,000. In addition, as prizes on this card are tickets to a valuable $10,000 Ultimate Hero Tournament freeroll, cash bonuses and directly a cache to the 888poker account.

If you participate in at least one tournament $3,000 Action Squad Tournaments, you should proceed to perform daily tasks. Each superhero here has its own challenge:

  • Blast Man – take first place in 2 BLAST tournaments with a minimum buy-in of $1
  • Turbo Warrior – win 15 hands in SNAP cache games with minimum stakes 2¢ -5¢
  • Captain SNAP – play in tournaments or Sit & Go with a total buy-in of at least $8

For fans of the innovative game from 888poker there is one more individual task:

  • Flopomania – Play 50 hands in a new Flopomania cash game with an ante of at least 5¢

Players receive Power scratch cards for completing tasks. In them, as a prize, there are tickets for $3,000 Action Squad Tournaments (do not forget that valuable SuperPower cards are played there), as well as cash bonuses, $10k Ultimate Hero Tournament tickets and cash up to $1,000 to 888poker account. The maximum number of cards per day is 4.

In addition to all tournament tickets and cash bonuses are played in the free wheel Superhero Spinner, available at the launch of the client. In addition, for a clean cache, you can compete in the $1,000 Power Up Tournament tournament, tickets to which fall in scratch cards and the same Superhero wheel.

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