Additional $500 in Stars Rewards of PokerStars

In April, PokerStars prepared additional bonuses for all participants of the Stars Rewards loyalty system. Until April 18 from any chest Stars Rewards can drop $500. The total amount of prizes for this action is $350,000, that is, the money will be divided into 700 chests.

Only registered members of Stars Rewards can claim a bonus. You can register by clicking the “Start” button in the section dedicated to the VIP system in the PokerStars Poker client. In the mobile client, the same thing can be done in the “My Stars” section.

Since the bonuses from the chests are dropped randomly, the probability of winning an additional bonus will depend on the number of chests received until April 18. The number of bonuses and chests that can be received by one player is unlimited.

$500 will not be a replacement for standard gifts on Stars Rewards. The probability of a bonus loss depends on the color of the chest and its value in the glasses. In the most expensive of them, this probability will be much higher:

in the red chests – 1 to 25,000;
in the blue – 1 to 10,000;
in bronze – 1 to 4,000;
in silver – 1 to 2,000;
in gold – 1 to 588;
in platinum – 1 to 200.

$500 will be credited immediately after opening the chest and can be withdrawn without additional conditions.

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