Blackjack Cardhunt at PokerStars Casino

Blackjack Cardhunt – receive daily cash rewards at PokerStars Casino. From August 20 to September 3, sit at tables for blackjack and join “Cardhunt.” Collect daily puzzles and instantly receive cash prizes up to $2000.

How to collect the “Blackjack Cardhunt” puzzle

  • Register in the promotion every day and play blackjack at the tables for one or several players with the minimum rates specified in the task window.
  • If you will be given a card that coincides with the puzzle card, you will receive the corresponding fragment of the puzzle. The outcome of the distribution does not matter.

Collecting the daily puzzle of “Blackjack Cardhunt” you will immediately receive a random cash reward of up to $2,000. And the next day you can again perform the tasks and again get rewards!

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