Bonus from Skrill $10 for the opening an account

Skrill (the old name MoneyBookers) is one of the main payment service providers for any poker player, each of us will meet poker room which doesn’t accept WebMoney, and then you cannot manage without Skrill. It’s better to be prepared for such moment in advance and open the account in this payment service provider, especially now when it is very profitable to do! Skrill gives $10 bonus to all new subscribers without any requirements on winback, it is possible to take this money out right after obtaining! Everything that it requires for getting the bonus is to be registered on the website, to attach a bank card (the virtual QiWi card is okay), to recharge any amount using the attached card, to make the deposit in any poker room using Skrill. After these actions within 48 hours $10 will arrive into your account in Skrill, you can take this money out immediately on the card!

Bonus code: not required.
Winback conditions: no requirements

Detailed instructions how to get $10 bonus from Skrill

1. Go to website
2. Select the type of account “Personal Account” and click “Sign up”
3. Fill out the registration form and click “Submit and create an account”
4. Now it is necessary to attach a bank card to the account of Skrill. Choose “Recharge”. In the opened window we put a tick in the field “Credit card” and we fill in card’s data. (if you have no bank card I recommend to create the virtual card from QiWi, it takes 5 minutes and it is free). Having filled in all data put a tick in the fields “I Will Use the Money Which on this Credit/ Debit Card for a GAME Purposes” and “Remember this reason for future recharges through Credit/ Debit Card” and press Add button.
5. From the card an amount between $1.01 — 2.99 will be taken, it is necessary to enter an exact drawn amount (the amount will be specified in a message from bank) in the opened window. If the card is successfully added you can recharge an account.
6. Recharge Skrill from the card, actions almost the same as in card addition. The amount of recharement can be any, only consider that it will be necessary to make the deposit in any poker room, and usually there minimum amount is from $10.
7. Now in any poker room recharge the account using Skrill. I advise to choose room with a good bonus for the deposit, thereby introducing the deposit you get a double bonus.
8. Within 48 hours, after the successful deposit in poker room, $10 will be credited on your Skrill account.

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