Cardhunt promotion at PokerStars – up to $5000 every day

From March 5 to April 1 win up to $5000 every day, collecting daily “Cardhunt” poker puzzles at PokerStars!

Every day a new puzzle is available in the task window. The puzzle consists of fragments, each of which corresponds to a certain map from the traditional 52-card deck.

How to get a fragment of the “Cardhunt” puzzle

To collect a daily puzzle and get a guaranteed cash prize, play cash games in Hold’em, including Zoom poker (heads-up games are not counted), and collect cards matching the puzzle pieces.

For each distribution won with the correct closed card, you will receive the corresponding fragment of the puzzle.

Example. You got the ace of clubs and the lady. In this case, one of the fragments of the puzzle is the Ace. Having won the deal with these pocket cards (before or after the flop), you will receive a fragment of the puzzle corresponding to the ace of ace. If in the puzzle there is not only an ace of clubs, but also a ladies club, you will get two fragments of the puzzle at once.

Collecting the whole puzzle, you will receive an instant reward. The awards are determined randomly and can be up to $5000. All prizes won are displayed in your task window.

Please note that you will be able to use the received awards without any restrictions and conditions on wagering, so play and win up to $5000 every day.

Prizes of the “Cardhunt” promotion

Collecting the daily puzzle of the “Cardhunt” poromotion, you will immediately receive a cash prize. Cash prizes are determined randomly. Open the task window in the client software or the PokerStars mobile application and click the “i” icon in the upper right corner to find out more.

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