Fastforward rake race at PartyPoker

From 19 to 29 July Partypoker organizes a special rake race only for players in fast poker – Fastforward Rake Race. It involves all tables of Fastforward limits from NL5 to NL50. For 11 days, saturated with the game, $66,000 GUARANTEE is played out with cash prizes! The Fastforward Rake Race will start on July 19.

The total prize fund of the race in the amount of $66,000 will be divided into 11 parts – for each day of the promotion. The daily rake race rating will consist of two levels of limits:

  • low rates – $1K Cash Game Race (NL5 and NL10);
  • medium rates – $5K Cash Game Race (NL25 and NL50).

How to earn points

For every $1 rake, 1 point is awarded. In favor of the leaderboard with average rates will be taken into account only the points earned at the tables with average rates. The same rule applies to leaderboards with low stakes. Simply and easily!

Collect enough points to take the prize position at the end of the day. The funds will be credited to your account in 48 hours!

Prize positions in leader tables are paid as follows:

$1K Cash Game Race

$5K Cash Game Race

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