Football Frenzy promotion at PokerStars

PokerStars have recently launched a new promotion associated with Stars Rewards, loyalty system of the room.  The promotion is called “Football Frenzy”, it will run until June 12.

“Football fenzy” is dedicated to the World Cup starting in June. To participate in it, you must fulfill a number of conditions:

  • Sign up at Stars Rewards;
  • Track the process of filling the scale Stars Rewards on the basis of the game at the tables with real money.

The entire period of the action among the chests received by the player Stars Rewards with a probability of 10% will come across special football chests, as well as ordinary chests, they will have different values, they can be distinguished by the color of the logo.

In chests for the “Football fenzy” promotion, in addition to standard prizes, there will be additional bonuses. They can be obtained by opening the chests from 12 to 19 June. Later they will be canceled. The total amount of additional prizes will exceed two million dollars. Among them will be money, tickets and different bonuses.

Each player can get an unlimited number of chests, which means that the number of prizes for a promotion will depend only on the level of his activity.

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