Freerolls – tournaments with a free pass

Freeroll – a tournament with real cash or ticket prizes, in which players don’t pay for participation.

Many people ask the question “Why do poker rooms have such tournaments, because they don’t get anything from it, and only spend money on the prizes?!”, in fact, freerolls are part of the advertising strategy to attract new players. Freerolls allow new players to try the game in the room, to check whether they like software features and decide whether they will continue to play in it. None of the new rooms would not be able to attract a good amount of players if it doesn’t have freerolls.

Freerolls give many opportunities to players:
– To build a bankroll without risking their own money
– To gain experience playing in real tournaments
– To try different tournament strategy, etc.

Classification of freerolls from Pokernavi:

Category A – regular freerolls which are open to all who is eager to participate, ie entrance without any conditions. Because of their open approach they are good to raise a bankroll from scratch, but they are not very effective in terms of profitability and time-consuming. These freerolls should be played only in the case of totally absence of a bankroll, and after making some money it’s worth to move to freerolls with conditions.

Category B – large regular freerolls with the participation conditions like raked hands, deposit or points. Usually a minimum bankroll and experience in tournament games are required.

Category C – closed freerolls for beginners only. Not a large number of participants and a pretty nice prize money. They usually appears in network poker rooms, and you can play them signing up in new poker rooms of the same network.

Category D – qualifying freerolls with prizes, which are paid in the form of tickets to another tournaments. Usually tickets for big events are played out in such freerolls: weekly tournaments, monthly guarantees or even vouchers to live tournaments.

Varieties of freerolls on the type of prizes

There are several types of prizes in the freerolls:
1. Freerolls with an instant cash prize – taking the prize in the tournament you will immediately get a certain amount of money to your account, the money is already yours, and if you want you can take them out of the room.
2. Freerolls with a nominal prize – taking the prize in a tournament, you don’t receive an instant payment. A certain amount of money that you can receive after following some conditions, for example, to get $1 prize you need to play 10 hands in a cash game.
3. Freeroll with a ticket prize – taking the prize in such freeroll, you get tickets to other tournaments, participation in which is not free, but as you get a ticket you can participate in the tournament without making buy-in.

Before participating in the freeroll, in order to avoid surprizes, it’s recommended to learn carefully all the conditions of receiving the prize.

How to choose freerolls
Almost all rooms have their freerolls, but not each of them is worth to play. It’s better not to waste time on playing freerolls with a small prize size or with a large number of participants, it is wiser to spend your time on participating in the freeroll which is easier to get money and where the size of the prize is quite high. It is better to choose a tournament without rebuys, with a fairly fast structure, in which at least a thousand of players are involved, and the number of prizes in which is more than 15% of the total number of participants. These tournaments take less time and it is quite simple to get to the prizes.

Of course this advice is suitable in the case if you are planning to collect bankroll on freerolls. But if your goal is to get the playing experience in long tournaments, then freerolls with several thousand participants is a good choice!

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