“Fusion” – another new format ar PokerStars

During this year, the biggest poker room in the world, PokerStars, has filled its players with information about new formats of the game. First there was Split Holdem, then Showtime and Spin & Goal, and now attentive players for play money found graphic files of tables of another kind of cash game in the PokerStars client. It’s called Fusion.

Fusion format features

  • Players receive 4 pre-flop cards, and they are bidding.
  • On the flop after the bidding all players fold 2 cards.
  • Turn and river as in regular Hold’em.

Most likely, PokerStars are trying to revive Irish poker, which in its time was on Full Tilt Poker.

It was for him was typical preflop and flop game in Omaha, and in the next streets as in Hold’em, because after the flop players have to fold two pocket cards.

The generality of Fusion with all the previous novelties from PokerStars is an enhanced action that amateurs should like. For Irish poker, unlike Split Hold’em, there are already small strategies. As in Omaha, the best hands here in the pre-flop should be two large pairs, pairs of cards in suit, associated card sequences, as KQJT.

It remains to learn how Fusion will be implemented, and most importantly – what will be the size of the rake, which will directly affect the ability to beat this kind of poker and steadily play a plus.

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