Fusion – new poker format at PokerStars

This year, PokerStars was preparing to launch two new poker formats: 6+ Holdem and Fusion. There was no information about the latest format, except for the name, and today Fusion appeared in the lobby of the poker room.

Fusion is a mix of Hold’em and Omaha – the distribution starts as in NLH and gradually becomes PLO. The format has the following rules of the game:

  • at 6-max tables, players are dealt 2 cards pre-flop, after which the bidding takes place;
  • on the flop, players are dealt another card, the bidding continues;

  • on the turn the players receive the fourth card and the game continues according to the rules of Omaha.

Thus, the level of unpredictability of distribution grows on every street. Fusion bets start at $0.02/ 0.05, and seating at the tables will be random.

Fusion has a high variance, and the player gets less information than in Hold »em and Omaha. It remains only to observe whether the players will like Fusion or leave the lobby, as happened with Split Hold’em, Showtime and Unfold.

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