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In craps, a 12 is commonly referred to as “boxcars” due to the resemblance of the two dice showing six dots on each, resembling the boxcars on a freight train.

In the world of craps, a 12 holds a special nickname – it is commonly referred to as “boxcars.” This term originates from the resemblance the two dice showing six dots on each bear to the boxcars on a freight train. Let’s delve deeper into this fascinating dice combination!

One interesting fact about the name “boxcars” is that it is believed to have originated in the mid-20th century. Although the exact origins are unclear, it has become a well-known term among craps enthusiasts and players. The nickname adds character and excitement to the game, contributing to the lively atmosphere found at the craps table.

To further explore the allure of the number 12 in craps, let’s present a quote from a renowned gambling expert, John Scarne:

“Boxcars is the combination of the two dice with each die displaying a six. It is considered an exciting roll, as the odds of rolling a 12 are relatively low, making it a rare occurrence in the game.”

Here is a table showcasing the possible dice combinations and their corresponding values in craps:

Dice Combination Sum
1-1 2
1-2 3
1-3 4
1-4 5
1-5 6
1-6 7
2-2 4
2-3 5
2-4 6
2-5 7
2-6 8
3-3 6
3-4 7
3-5 8
3-6 9
4-4 8
4-5 9
4-6 10
5-5 10
5-6 11
6-6 12

As shown in the table, rolling a 12 requires both dice to display six dots. Due to the combined low probability of this particular outcome, it is a less common roll in the game of craps, thereby increasing its allure and distinguishing it with the nickname “boxcars.”

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In conclusion, the number 12, known as “boxcars” in the craps community, adds excitement and character to the game. While the odds may be against rolling this particular combination, its rarity contributes to the thrilling atmosphere found at the craps table. As John Scarne stated, “Boxcars is considered an exciting roll,” making it a memorable aspect of the game for players worldwide.

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In this YouTube video titled “Proposition Bets – How to Play Craps Pt. 12,” the presenter discusses proposition bets, also known as prop bets or center bets, in the game of craps. These bets are considered longshot bets with high house edges, all above 9%. Despite this, prop bets are popular among players due to their ability to offer potential big wins from small bet amounts and the various combinations available to bet on. The video breaks down different types of one roll wagers, such as betting on specific numbers like 12, 3, or 11. The concept of hard way bets, where players wager on pairs of numbers, is also explained, along with the different ways to place these bets on the craps table. The video concludes by mentioning other prop bets like the world bet and the buffalo bet, but emphasizes that all prop bets are considered long shots with high house edges.

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Bones: Another name for dice. Boxcars: Slang for the 12. Also called midnight.

Boxcars – This is a bet on double sixes, or a sum total of twelve in the game of craps.

Like almost everything in craps, each of these numbers has a slang name. 12 is “boxcars.” 3 is “ace deuce” or “acey deucey.”

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Is 12 a loss in craps?
The answer is: If you place a bet on the Pass Line and the first roll of the dice (known as the “Come Out Roll”) is a 7 or 11, you win. If a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled, you “crap out” or lose.
What does 12 pay in craps?
Two and twelve pay 30 to 1. Any craps (two, three or 12) pays 7 to 1. Three and eleven pay 15 to 1. Hops Bets One-roll bet which pays 30 to 1, if hard 4, 6, 8 or 10 is rolled, 15 to 1 if the 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 is rolled in any other manner than pairs.
What do they call 11 in craps?
Response: The Yo 11 bet is one of the most popular bets on a craps game. As its name implies, an 11 must roll in order for this wager to be a winner. This bet is good for only one roll. If it wins, dealers will pay you, and themselves, at 15:1 odds and leave the original bet(s) on the table.
What are the units in craps?
The reply will be: In Craps, a unit is a certain amount of money. Generally speaking, a unit is $5 or $6. On the 6 and 8 a unit is $6. On the 4, 5, 9 and 10 a unit is $5.
What does 2 3 12 mean in craps?
The reply will be: Craps Numbers 2, 3 and 12 are called craps. Crap Out If a 2 – 3 or 12 is thrown on the come out roll. Crapped Dice Slang term for Crooked Dice. Crew Slang for the two dealers + the stickman + the boxman – who are handling the craps table. Dealers The two dealers are responsible for the bets placed at the craps table.
What are the numbers in craps?
As an answer to this: Numbers A craps term used for the numbers: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. Odds Off Odds Off refers to the fact that the player can call off his odds bets at any time – the odds bet is left on the table until the wager is resolved.
What is the slang for three craps?
Three Craps Three – The Indicator Slang for a bet that the next roll will be number 3 (2+1). Tip A tip is a gratuity given to the dealer by the player. Token This is the dealer’s term for a tip given to a dealer from a player. Triple Dipple – In the Lucky Ducky Slang for a bet that the next roll will be number 12 (6+6). Two Aces The number 2 (1+1).
What is cold table in craps?
Cold Table An expression used when the shooters are not making their points. Come/Come Bet The Come bet allows you to place a bet similar to a pass line bet after the come out roll. Come out Roll The very first roll in a betting round. Craps Numbers 2, 3 and 12 are called craps. Crap Out If a 2 – 3 or 12 is thrown on the come out roll.

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