Game of the Day at PokerStars Casino

A new day, a new game, a new task and a new prizes at PokerStars Casino. Win instant casino bonuses up to $5,000 every day! To do this, simply register in the missions and play the game of the day marked with a blue star in a live casino. A new assignment is available every day between July 2 and 15.

To participate in the promotion:

    1. Click “Start” to start.
Every day open the task window and press “Start” to register in the “Day of the Day” action in the live casino.

    2. Play the game of the day in a live casino.
After registration, go to the game of the day in a live casino and play by betting on the amount indicated in your individual daily task. Please note that within this campaign only live casino games marked with a blue asterisk are considered.

    3. Get daily bonuses and in addition up to $15 000!
After completing the assignment, you will receive a gift with a random reward. Moreover, you will have a unique number of daily tasks. Perform them, and you will have the opportunity to additionally receive an instant casino bonus up to $15,000.

Note. To convert the instant bonus of the casino received in this promotion into money, which can then be withdrawn, you need to earn 3 points for every $1 bonus before the bonus expires.

Additional information about individual and other tasks is in your task window.

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