King of Flips at Unibet Poker

Until the end of November, Unibet Poker again offers to play the Poker Flips game. Depending on the level of rates, you can earn bronze, silver or gold tokens. The higher the tokens – the better prize you can claim.

How to earn tokens?

The promotion is valid from October 22 to November 30. You can earn tokens at three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold – up to 5 tokens at one level per day (up to 15 per day at all levels):

  • see 25 flops at low stakes in cash games or play 5 SNGs at low stakes and get 1 bronze token (Cash games: Hold’em NL4 and NL10; SNG: buy-ins – €1; €2 and €4)
  • see 25 flops at medium stakes in cash games or play 5 SNGs at medium stakes and get 1 silver token (Cash games: Hold’em NL25, NL50 and NL100; SNG: buy-ins – €10; €25)
  • see 25 flops at high stakes in cash games or play 5 SNGs at high stakes and get 1 golden token (Cash games: Hold’em NL200, NL400; SNG: buy-ins – €50; €100; €200)

Tokens are accumulated, but are valid only until November 30th.

How to use your tokens?

Players can use earned tokens in the Poker Flips mini-game. In this hold’em game, you and King of Flips (house) get two pocket cards, and the cards on the flop, turn and river are dealt automatically.

After each hand, you can take your prize or take the risk and play again for the best prize.

What can you win?

Prizes can be in the form of bonus points, tickets or a €2,000 Unibet Open package.

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