LeonBets, bonus up to $100 on the first deposit

LeonBets offers new customers a first deposit bonus – 100% up to $100 on the deposit.

How to get and clear the bonus at Leonbets?

  • First of all, create an account at LeonBets, if you don’t have one .
  • Then you need to make a deposit of up to $100. The amount of funds deposited is equal to the amount of bonuses that you will be charged. You can put more money on the game account, but the maximum bonus amount is $100.
  • Now you need to clear the bonus, earning the necessary number of Leons – bonus points. They are calculated according to the formula: the amount deposited funds * 25.
  • Leons are awarded for every bet, even for a losing one. Exception – canceled bets. Bonus points are also very easy to calculate: if the bet lost, you will receive as many Leons as the amount of money lost. If the bet won, you will get 1 Leon for each dollar won.
  • Once the bonus is cleared, your email will be confirmed, and you can either play Leonbets on these funds, or withdraw them in any convenient way.

Leonbets offers a good reason not to withdraw money so simply, but to place them, to earn Leons and exchange them for cool prizes! As it was said, Leons are credited even if your bet loses.

You can see in the picture below how many Leons are required to be able to exchange them for a particular prize. Also you can see a cash value of these prizes.  In a case if Leonbets can not deliver you a prize, then you will get its cash equivalent.

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