Mobile poker for Java, Symbian, Bada (TOP)

Quite recently, at the time of push-button telephones, a mobile poker wasn’t developed at all, poker rooms didn’t even think about releasing of mobile versions of poker clients. Players also didn’t want to play poker on microscopic screens of mobile phones of that time, and only few of them were ready to stare at the screens of the phones, smartphones or communicators wishing to see royal flush there.

Since then the situation completely has changed, mobile devices have got large screens and powerful hardware, the Internet has become much faster, and poker rooms, one by one, producing mobile analogs of their game clients. If you are the owner of the mobile devices on Android and iOS, then the poker is available for you at almost anytime and anywhere! But if you remained true push-button phones with support of Java applications only, or use outdated touchscreen smartphone on Symbian OS (Nokia 5230, the Nokia 500, etc.), then, like 10 years ago, the choice is not great.

Mobile poker on money for Java phones and Nokia Asha smartphones:

Owners of phones with only Java applications support has no choice. Only one poker client with an opportunity to play for real money is available to this platform. It’s good old Mobile Poker Club — the first poker room specializing only on mobile poker. Java client looks very simple, but allows to play everything, the provided in room, poker varieties and disciplines, including a classical cache, quick poker, SNG and MTT tournaments.

Mobile poker on money for smartphones on Symbian OS and the Bada of OS:

For owners of smartphones on Symbian and the Bada, a choice of applications for a game in poker on money it is restricted by only one Mobile Poker Club too. There is almost no difference in the interface in comparison with the version for simple phones. Only thanks to bigger screen size process of a game became more convenient.

Mobile poker on money for communicators on Windows Mobile:

Mobile Poker Club has taken care also of such antiquity as communicators on Windows Mobile. Special for these devices, on poker room’s website, the separate Java version of the client is provided, which works through any Java the emulator, which by the way can be downloaded on room’s website too.

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