MTT Missions in the rooms of MPN network

Do not miss up to 5 tournament offers every week in the MPN network rooms (Betsson Poker, NordicBet Poker, Betsafe Poker, Olybet Poker)! During this attractive offer, you can play up to 5 additional tournaments each week. Play a tournament at least 5 times during the qualifying period (from Monday to Saturday) and win a ticket to the special Sunday final tournament.

Play all 5 tournaments 5 times and qualify for all 5 Sunday special tournaments every week!

Pick up a bonus ticket when you complete an MTT Mission for a tournament with a re-buy or a 1R1A tournament (1 re-buy, 1 add-on)!

How it works?

During each calendar week from November 5 to December 2, 2018, there will be 5 special multi-table tournaments (MTT) available for playing at different times of the day every day during the offer.

Take part in at least one special MTT 5 times during the week of the offer (from Monday to Saturday), and you will automatically receive an additional ticket to participate in the final MTT of this tournament, which will be held on Sunday of the same week.

Take part in all special MTTs every week and get additional tickets to all final MTTs that will be held every Sunday within four weeks of the offer.

Universal ticket offer: take part in any tournament with rebay or 1R1A (1 re-buy, 1 add-on) at least 5 times during the week of the offer and get a ticket for the Sunday final MTT plus a universal ticket of the same value as the first re-by or add-on.

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