New “Phoenix Re-buy” tournaments at BreakOut Poker

Re-buys can be effective at the beginning of the tournament, but then they become less attractive due to the increase in stacks and blinds during the tournament.

In the new Phoenix Re-buy tournaments at Breakout Poker you can compensate for these factors using the following options:

1. Single re-buy – before closing of the late registration.
2. Dual re-buy – three times the size of the start stack, is available after closing of the late registration and until the end of the period for making re-buys.
3. Add-on – six times the size of the starting stack, available during the break and at 15 levels of blinds. The add-on can be added only once.

Tournament information

Starting stack: 2500 chips
Late registration: 80 minutes
Re-buy period: 120 minutes
Break: 8 minutes, after level 14
The blinds change every 8 minutes

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