No deposit bonus $100 on William hill from PokerSource — one of the oldest poker sponsors, began the work in far 2004. I will describe William Hill Poker room with more profitable conditions of a no deposit only on William Hill Poker

Sponsop website: PokerSource.cоm
Available rooms: William Hill, Titan Poker, Party Poker.
Average bonus size:100$ (including additional bonus)
Overall bonus size: up to 400$ (including additional bonus)
Bonus giving conditions: a quiz on knowledge of poker rules
Verification: by cellphone

Process of receipt of the no deposit bonus from PokerSource

1. Go to the website and click the link “Register”

2. Fill a registration form, having specified login, the password, confirmation of the password and email address. Press “Submit”.

3. Go to the choice of the no deposit bonus, then press the Free Poker Money tab

4. Choose from the list of available William Hill rooms, press “Sign up now”

5. Read conditions of getting the bonus and press “Get started”

6. Now it is necessary to sign up in William Hill (click “Go to William Hill”). Registration in the room standard, I won’t describe it, the most important thing is not to forget to specify the WHPIB bonus code. After registration click “Next”

7. Go to the passage of the quiz with the simplest questions. It’s enough to know the basic rules of hold’em. One mistake is allowed

8. After finishing the quiz pass to verification of the account by cellphone. Choose the country, enter a phone number (without country code) and confirmation of number. Having entered data press “Call Me Now”, in a couple of minutes you will get a call and the robot female voice will dictate three figures. These figures need to be entered into the field “PIN Code”, then press “Verify PIN”. The process of verification is finished!

9. Now you need to bind William Hill account, for this purpose in the column “Username” enter your login given in the room and your email specified in registration on William Hill in the column “Email”. After entering all data press “Submit”, during 3 working days the first part of a bonus will arrive into your account.

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