No deposit bonus $8 from DaFa Poker

In Asian DaFa Poker (iPoker network) poker room anyone can get a no deposit bonus of $8. It is necessary to be registered only on the website, surely having specified a phone number. Within days room’s representative will call you and will ask several questions in English. After this call within 48 hours $8 will be credited into your account.

After getting the bonus begin to win back, a bonus which wasn’t demanded within 7 days will be removed, for the first 30 days it is necessary to collect at least 25 SP. It’s required to collect 200 SP to win back the bonus completely. It is possible to play on bonus means: unlimited cash tables with rates no more than 2-4 cents, limit cash tables with rates no more than 5-10 cents and tournaments with bye-in no more than $1.

Room: DaFa Poker
Bonus size: 8$
Output conditions: collect 200 SP
Bonus code: not required

Detailed instructions how to get bonus from DaFa Poker:
1. Go to the website
2. Push the button «Register»
3. Fill out the registration form, be sure to specify a valid phone number.
4. Push the button «Submit»
5. After about a day you will be called by a showroom representative, will call your name and ask in English to clarify whether you are registered in DaFa Poker. Answer «Yes».
6. Next they will ask whether it’s comfortable to speak in English to you. Answer «No», if it’s not. Then the room representative will switch the auto translator, which will read you the rules of the bonus. Listen to the whole message.
5. Within 48 hours after the call a bonus of $ 8 will be credited on your account.

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