No deposit bonus for bingo players at Unibet

Unibet – European gaming giant still gives out a no deposit bonus for new poker players, it’s a completely new bonus intended for new bingo players (it can be combined with a bonus for playing poker).

Bingo – a kind of lottery, you don’t need to watching weekly TV shows in bingo, it is very tedious: you need to stock up on tickets, sit at the screen and strip out the numbers that fall out of the lottery. Bingo on the Internet – circulations take place every 5 minutes, all players get into the general chat, where they can communicate during the purchase of tickets and the draw itself, and the chance to win a prize is much larger and the money instantly comes to the account.

Unibet decided to encourage all new players (as well as existing players who have not yet created a bingo nickname) free tickets for cash circulations within 14 days after the creation of the account. Winnings obtained as a result of the drawings fall immediately to the real account and do not require wagering. Every day from 19:00 to 20:00 (CET) you need to go to Unibet Bingo in the CENTRE COURT room, where you will make 4 free raffles.

How to get free tickets for playing bingo from Unibet?

– Go to Unibet and sign up;
– Open the BINGO tab and create a nickname for yourself, and select the lucky number;

– You will be able to see a list of current circulations, pay attention to Center Court, which will be open for one hour from 19:00 to 20:00 (CET) for 14 days after creating the account
– Wait for the room to open and get 5 free tickets by clicking on “Get 5 tickets”

– Take part in the drawing
– Within 4 hours will be held 4 free spins

– Visit CENTER COURT during next 14 days after creating an account in Unibet Bingo

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