No deposit bonus for registration on PokerTime

PokerTime website of Microgaming network distributes one of the simplest poker bonuses to all new players. The bonus size of course isn’t big, only $5, but considering the weak amount of players of Microgaming network, this bonus can be enough for a raising of a bankroll.

Room: PokerTime
Bonus amount: 5$ + 45$ additional bonus.
Output conditions: Win 20 points.

Instruction for receipt of a bonus:

1. Visit the PokerTime website, press the Download button.

2. Download and install the client then make a registration.

3. Go back to the website of PokerTime and click the link “5$ free”.

4. Press link “CLick here” on the opened page

5. In the field “Account Number” enter your login (a user name which you have entered at registration in the client) and press SUBMIT.

The bonus is charged during 2 working days

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