Online Backgammon for real money

Backgammon is a popular board game for two players on a special board, divided into two halves. The goal – to roll the dice and moving the checkers in accordance with dropped points, to go full circle around the board, using checkers, go into your “home” and throw them to the board before an opponent. There are two main varieties – long and short backgammon. Homeland of this game is not exactly known, but the fact is that people play this game for more than 5000 years. So, the most ancient of the boards for the game of backgammon has been found in Iran and dates from around 3000 BC. Today Backgammon is played by active internet users. There is a number of specialized sites with this game.

Where to play Backgammon for money:

1. Backgammon for money from Skill7 (visit website)
Skill7 – German gaming site, one of the most popular resource for fans of backgammon, and a few other species. There is always a lot of players online, a wide range of rates, weekly tournaments with good prize money, the game is conducted through the browser, the client does not need to download! In addition to Online Backgammon are a lot of other interesting games for money: Dominoes, Mahjong, Rummy, Solitaire, etc. The site accepts all popular payment systems including QiWi, WebMoney and Yandex Money (output is not possible for all of them), with the first given instant deposit bonus of 50% of the deposit (50 euros)

2. Backgammon for money from Parasino Games (visit website)
Gambling Portal Parasino is a mixture of the bookmaker and casino, there are only two online skill games: Backgammon and Belote, both are in a separate section of the site – GAMES. The local backgammon can be played via browser or in the downloadable client, many types of the game are available there: Backgammon, Long, Short, Khachapuri, Tapa, Nap, Hyper. The stakes are from 5 euro cents and up to €400! There are daily S&G and MTT tournaments with different levels of buy-ins. Deposits and withdrawals are available through a vast number of payment services: Visa cards, QIWI Wallet, Yandex Money,, Skrill, Neteller and even Bitcoin.

3. Backgammon for money from RushPlay (visit website)
RushPlay provides its users with the opportunity to play short and long backgammon on real money. The size of bets is from 1 cent to $50, all game settings (speed, color sticks) you can expose yourself to create the table. The choice of payment methods are not as various as the previous sites, only accepts Visa and Webmoney/ Yandex Money payment systems.

4. Backgammon for money from GamblerGames (visit website)
Game portal GamblerGames is known for a long time, the game is going via a downloadable client, which is available for three platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux. Mobile client devices are not provided. The interface looks outdated, but you get used into it fairly quickly. The game of backgammon is available in 4 variations, long, short, nardgammon and crazy, also there are regular tournaments. Rates in US dollars, the minimum rate of 20 cents, the maximum $500. Also there are other skill games on the site: Durak, Preference, Open Chinese Poker, Belote, etc.

5. Backgammon for money from GameColony (visit website)
Backgammon from American gaming portal GameColony. The site launched in 1999, and since then almost was not updated, graphics of the site looks completely outdated. The only advantage of this resource, for which makes it worth play, is the abundance of American players, which are always ready to play almost on any bet size. «Ticket» is used as the game currency in GameColony, 1 Ticket = $1 USD. Making deposit is possible via PayPal or Visa/ MasterCard cards. Cashout is possible on the same payment systems, the minimum withdrawal amount is $2. This site has downloadable versions of the client for a backgammon game on Apple iPad, iPhone devices, also for smartphones and tablets based on Android.

6. Backgammon for money from CasinoSahara Games (visit website)
The game room on CasinoSahara is not as much popular as previous portals. But the site was opened recently and is rapidly gaining popularity because of convenient game client which collected not only the classic short and long backgammon, but also lesser-known variations. In addition, CasinoSahara Games has a mobile version of Backgammon for Android, iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices.
Registration and all transactions on the backgammon account are made not on the client, but on the website You need to translate money into board games main account using the profile, because the money is not displayed in backgammon account. Making a deposit is available via all popular payment systems: Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, QiWi, Yandex Money, Visa.

Apart from the Top it is worth to mention about LiveGames website, which has a huge variety of games: checkers, chess, backgammon, fool. And although the game LiveGames conducted on free chips, due to the large attendance of the resource you can always find a gambler and arrange a game with a bet on real money.

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