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Belote – a card game for 4 players, which is played with a deck of 32 cards. Players sitting opposite each other, make up the team. The turn is passed counterclockwise. The goal is to collect the required number of points with the team. Currently, the game is very popular in Armenia and is called Blot there. The game was creted in France around 1920 from the Dutch Claver game, which is played since 1600. In different countries Belote (or blot) is played on different rules and official names of the game are different. For example, in Bulgaria, the game is called Bridge-Belote, in Greece called Vida, in Cyprus is Pilot, in the Canadian province of Québec – Beth. The game is also popular in Croatia, Macedonia and Saudi Arabia.

The main varieties of Belote game:
Belote Classic – ordinary paired Belote with classic rules, is played by four, a couple on a couple.
Belote Duel – the same game, only for two players, the rules are standard. The another name for this type of game appear in some resources – Frontal Belote.
Belote Contre – Game with a slightly modified rules, at the beginning of the game it is 8 cards instead of 5 as in the classic version.
Armenian Blot – in Armenia is called not Belote, simply Blot. Generally there is no difference from the usual Belote, excepting some minor nuances.

Basic rules of the game Belote/ Blot:

To determine the trump suit each player receives 5 cards. Then, the top card of the deck is opened and is put in the center. The player, who is the “first hand”, can choose whether he wants to accept the card or not. If the “first hand” passes, the process proceeds in turn to the other players. If a player decides to take the card, the suit of the card becomes the trump suit. If none of the four players do not take the card, the other suit can be be selectwd in the same way. In this case, choosing the color, you should also put the card in the center. If all four players disagrees with the trump suit again, the cards are shuffled, and the second round begins. The player sitting at the “first hand” becomes a “first hand”.

When the trump suit is selected, players receive another 3 cards. The player who took the card out of the center, receives just two extra cards, so every player has 8 cards.

During the game:

After the trump suit has been defined, the “first hand” starts the game. Other players need to add cards of the same suit (a suit on the suit). There is a seniority principle for trump suit. The hierarchy of cards is taken into account also when the opponent keeps the bribe.
The biggest trump card takes a bribe. If the trump card was not involved in the drawing, then highest card of played out suit takes a bribe. Seniority trump cards: Jack, 9, Ace, King, Queen, 8, 7. The precedence of other suits: Ace, 10, King, Queen, Jack, 9, 8, 7. The player who takes a bribe, starts the next card.

Where to play Belote/ Blot online for real money:

Belote game is very popular, many gaming sites offer one or more varieties of the game. Many of them are held tournaments blot, there is even a daily freerolls and big Sunday guarantee

1. Belote money from Skill7 (visit website)
Skill7 – gaming resource with lots of skill money games. Belote is one of the most popular games, the number of online players around the clock does not fall below 1,000. The rate in the cash game from 35 rubles, regular tournaments with big prize money. In the first account refill provides an immediate bonus of 50% of the deposit amount. Payments accepted set of payment instruments: Visa card, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, QiWi, WebMoney, Yandex Money, Moneta.Ru

2. Belote on money from Parasino Games (visit website)
The new game site from BetConstrust with support of Belote and Backgammon skill games. Belote game on this site is a well-known Armenian VBET network and has a fairly high rate of gaming traffic. There are three varieties of the game Belote: Classic blot, Bazaar Blot and Outdoor Blot. Thr site receives a large number of payment systems, including: Visa card, QIWI, Yandex Money, Skrill, Neteller, etc. Minimum deposit is $10, cashout is available from $20.

3. Blot on money from Vbet Games (visit website)
Not at this casual game Blot resource allocated a separate section, the game is very popular among users of the site. Hour played a few dozen tables, regular tournaments including 5 daily freerolls. Every Friday is held a major tournament with a guarantee of €1500, which can be selected for one of the daily satellites for 1 euro. Vbet Games is the only resource where you can play Belote / blot on money from mobile devices running on Android tablets and iPad!

Apart from the Top it is worth to mention about LiveGames website, which has a huge variety of games: checkers, chess, backgammon, fool. And although the game LiveGames conducted on free chips, due to the large attendance of the resource you can always find a gambler and arrange a game with a bet on real money.

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