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Chess – a board puzzle game with special shapes on a 64-cellular board for two rivals, which combines elements of art, science and sport. The name originates from Persian: checkmate, which means “the Shakh died”. The chess can be played as by a group of players against each other or against a player, such games are usually considered as consulting. The game is subject to certain rules, which are complemented by the rules of FIDE during tournaments.

It is believed that the history of chess has at least one and a half thousand years. The first known game-grandparent, chaturanga, appeared in India no later than the VI century BC. Once being in the neighboring country of India, chaturanga has undergone several changes. Its descendant in the Arab world has become shatranj, and in South-East Asia – xiangqi (China), Makruk (Thailand) and Shogi (Japan). From Arabs Shatranj came to Europe and Africa in IX-X centuries. European players have continued to modify the game, as a result in XV century the rules were formed, which are now known as “classical”. In addition to the classic chess there are many varieties, with different rules, board size, having figures different from classical.

Where to play chess online for real money:

Chess game is not for all, play it online for money are not many, because it is difficult to choose a player of his level. I found on the net just a couple of resources which really can comfortably play chess for money against real opponents

1. Chess on money from RushPlay (visit website) – a great place to play a classic Chess. You have the choice to join already open tables or create your own. When you create a table, you choose your own color pieces, the size of rates (from $1 to $1,000), time of turn, the table type (public or private password). Unfortunately there are not many online players, it is usually 2-3 people during the day and 10 at night, most popular bet is $1 and I have never met tables with stakes higher than $10.

2. Chess money from GameColony (visit website)

GameColony – one of the few places where you can play the classic chess game against real players. Online GameColony always a pretty high level of online an average of 40 people. The game is played on the US dollar, rates are from 5 cents to $200. The site accepts credit cards and PayPal, the minimum deposit and cashout is $2.

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