Online Dice game on bitcoin from PocketDice

PocketDice – gaming site with a single Dice game. The game is played on real money, i.e. on the Bitcoin cryptocurrency coins, with a minimum rate of one Satoshi. Local Bones game is very simple, throwing two dices, the player’s task is to guess the number rolled is less than or greater than the specified. The player sets the number of their own, and the gain is dependent on the drop rate of the given number, the lower the chance, the higher the odds! In fact, the very mechanics of the game is not very interesting, the whole trick in the abundance of strategic options available in the game of dice. You can cool smash his head devising its own strategy and take advantage of ours.

The bonuses for the game Dice on PocketDice site

The site PocketDice provided a number of bonuses, including a no deposit bonus of 1,000 Satoshi. Players can use this bonus as many times, at intervals of one hour if the player did not make deposits or every 10 minutes if a player has made at least one deposit. The only condition for no deposit bonus – on the account must be zero! In fact, a bonus of $1,000 Satoshi is useless because it does not allow to use any of the strategies. It is suitable only for training

Instant bonus on your first deposit of 100% of the deposit, the bonus is calculated instantly, but has a fairly high veidzher 700X and limited wagering period of 30 days, the maximum bonus amount 1 BTC. The bonus is credited automatically when you first deposit account, be sure to think in advance whether or not to act out this bonus, and make your first deposit only the amount that you will get to play on the playing strategy. If you do not have time, then immediately after the deposit refuse bonus in the relevant section.

Instant bonus for the second deposit of 50% of the deposit amount, maximum 0.5 BTC. The rules are completely similar to the bonus for the first depots, veidzher 700X and 30 dney to acting out. Do not forget that if you cancel before the full bonus wagering, bonus funds and money won with the bonus deducted in full!

Daily awards for active play on PocketDice. Visiting the site PocketDice every day, every day a player gets a random reward, it may be a cash bonus, deposit bonus with special conditions or other offer.

We played for a long time on PocketDice and during that time have tried a lot of tactics, eventually settled on one, in our opinion, the very best! The essence of the strategy is following:

1. You bet on the number of more or less than 7, the coefficient of this bet is 2.35x, i.e Winning bets when we receive your stake multiplied by 2.35. At the same chance of winning each bet a little less than 50%.

2. Lost bets are doubled, until the bet is won. If you win the first bet is returned.

3. The initial rate is calculated depending on the funds on the balance sheet, so that would be enough for at least 15 bets with a doubling. Those. if you start with a rate of 10 Satoshi, your balance should be no less than 327,680 Satoshi (3,27680 mBTC).

4. The higher the initial rate of the faster growing balance! Increases the initial rate, immediately after the balance allows you to play at a higher initial rate.

The strategy is based on a trivial probability theory and a lot of similarities with the “Martingale” strategy for the game of roulette, but has several advantages. The main advantage in the ratio of 2.35h, while in roulette, with similar chances of winning, the ratio is only 2.0. 2.35h ratio gives a significant increase in profits during the series of doublings, whereas roulette profits with any number of doublings smooth initial bet. Just a great advantage of the dice on the Bitcoin in virtually restricted limits. In roulette there is a hard limit bet limit, usually not more than 10-12 allows you to do with rates doubling. And PocketDice minimum bet just 0.00000001 BTC, at a maximum rate of 100 BTC, it gives a great golf rates.

P.S. During the game, it may seem that the stock bankroll 15 bets with a doubling is too much, and that you can start playing at a higher initial rate. This false impression may at any moment fall a long series of losing bets. Within two months of the regular game we fell out of 14 sub-zero rates, on the need to always have a bankroll with a margin of at least 15 bets, the more the better

Attention! Neither strategy is not guaranteed to be 100% positive results! The task strategy to reduce to a minimum the chances of loss and to maximize the chances of winning

Sites with similar games on Bitcoin:
NitroGen Dice – one of the most advanced to date, with games portals on Bitcoin. Here it is an opportunity to play poker and bet on sports, as well as a casino section, which is only two games, blackjack and dice. The main feature of the local game Bones in the presence of a bot for avtostavok programmable action when winning and losing bets. Of the minuses can be noted the absence of a no deposit bonus!

FortuneJack – one of the first casinos on the Bitcoin coins. Along with the classic casino games: roulette, blackjack, slots can be found in FortuneJack poker and dice. The minimum bet in the game Bones Satoshi is 10, it is possible to start avtostavok. New players can get unlimited deposit bonus of 500 Satoshi!

PrimeDice – dice on a bitcoin as simple and intuitive interface. There is a function avtostavok, every 3 minutes, players can take the no deposit bonus is 200 Satoshi.

SafeDice – very similar in meaning to PocketDice dice. There is no such registration, but the interface and the game principle is very similar. Unfortunately, the site is not given a no deposit bonus for training.

BetterBets – site with a few games on Bitcoin, among which there are bones. The local game is not like the graphic design PocketDice, but the essence of the game at the same time is the same. Place your bets on the number of more or less a given, payout ratio depends on the chances of winning. No deposit bonuses are not available!

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