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Durak – a simple card game for two and more players. Usually it’s less than six, because the game is played with 36 cards deck. “Durak” is a russian word which means “A fool”. A fool is the one who loses. There is nothing serious and personal, such title only is for interest. Today this game is not so popular, but it’s still played by players, for who Durak is familiar from the very childhood. Some gaming resources have this game for money.

Game rules:

A deck of 36 cards is used for this game. The value of cards is high to low: from Ace to six. Each player is dealt 6 cards, the next card is opened and it sets the trump suit for the game. The rest of the deck is placed on top (closed side), so that the trump card was visible to all.
The goal – to get rid of all their cards. The player who was last to get rid of cards is “a fool.”
The first turn is player’s with the lowest trump. The course is always to the left, and consists of putting one or more cards and attempts of the next player to cover them with the higher card of the same suit or cards of trump suit. If the next player covered oppents card(s), turn changes to him, but firstly all the players must have 6 cards again, taking them from the rest of the deck, starting with the player whose turn was the firts, and ending with the player who has covered. If a player is unable to fight back, he takes all the cards, and the next move goes to the player on the left.

Where to play Durak online for money:

Durak for money from RushPlay (visit website)
– Durak throw-in for 2, 3 and 4 players. Team or single play, private tables.
– A large number of exciting cash games: dominoes, preference, poker, backgammon, checkers, chess and others.
– The amount of replenishment is from $0.5, the minimum withdrawal amount is from $1. The stakes in games are from $0.01.

Apart from the Top it is worth to mention about LiveGames website, which has a huge variety of games: checkers, chess, backgammon, fool. And although the game LiveGames conducted on free chips, due to the large attendance of the resource you can always find a gambler and arrange a game with a bet on real money.

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