Online Preference game for money

Preference is a card game, the result of which is largely determined by the player’s skill rather than luck. Preference became widespread in the middle of XIX century. The predecessor of preference considered whist. Played by three or four players(in this case, each player in turn passes the hand is called “sitting on the community cards”) or by two players (preference for two is called “gusarik”). Perhaps the play structure and more than four people, but then the game loses its dynamism and interest in it is reduced, as each player is forced to miss two or more hands in a row. Often, instead of the phrase “to play whist,” used the expression “paint bullet.”

Where to play Preference for money:

Preference for money from RushPlay (visit website)

RushPlay – a resource with the possibility of playing preference online for money. Unfortunately, this game is not on the server is popular gaming tables are extremely rare, I barely managed to collect a table for a screenshot. This server can be recommended only for playing with friends, there is the ability to create tables with a password, nor anyone from outsiders just do not interfere with your game

Apart from the Top it is worth to mention about LiveGames website, which has a huge variety of games: checkers, chess, backgammon, fool. And although the game LiveGames conducted on free chips, due to the large attendance of the resource you can always find a gambler and arrange a game with a bet on real money.

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