Penalty Hero game at Unibet Poker

From June 13 to July 31, Unibet Poker offers poker players to play Penalty Hero, where you can get €1,000 in cash. Collect tokens, and then try to beat the goalkeeper. Go your way to the finals to compete for a big cash prize.

How to earn tokens: play cash games or Sit&Go on three different levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Earn up to 5 tokens of the same level. At the same time, you get the first ticket for free.

How to use tokens: earn at least one token and you get the right to play in the client Penalty Hero game. In this game you need to knock the goalkeeper and you can choose six options where to send the ball. You start with the group stage and your goal is to get through in 1/8, then in 1/4, 1/2 and beat the goalkeeper in the final.

What is possible to win 


Multi-entry (a maximum of 10) flip-freerolls will be available in the poker client every Sunday from June 17 to August 5.

  • €500 Bronze Flip 17:05 GMT
  • €1000 Silver Flip 17:15 GMT
  • €4000 Gold Flip 17:25 GMT
  • €500 Penalty Flip 17:45 GMT

Tokens can be collected, but they expire on August 1. The validity of tickets for freerolls is 14 days.

  • Cash games at low rates (Bronze): Hold’em NL4 and NL10; Omaha PL4 and PL10; Banzai NL1 and NL5.
  • Sit and Go at low bets (Bronze): buy-ins €1, €2 and €4
  • Cash games at average rates (Silver): Hold’em NL25 and NL50; Omaha PL25 and PL50; Banzai NL20.
  • Sit & Go at average rates (Silver): buy-ins €10; €25
  • Cash games at high stakes (Gold): Hold’em NL100, NL200, NL400; Omaha PL100, PL200, PL400.
  • Sit and Go at high stakes (Gold): buy-ins €50; €100; €200

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