Pokerdom plays out 33,000,000 rubles at “Winter Cup” December series

PokerDom has changed the interfaces of its site and lobby and simplified the procedures for depositing and withdrawing funds.

For all the innovations, Pokerdom is grateful to its players and, in order to summarize this successful year, prepared Winter Cup series with a guarantee of 33,000,000 rubles($485,300).

From 7 to 23 December in the poker room will be held 100 different tournaments, namely:

  • 96 poker tournaments in 12 disciplines with a guarantee of 26,000,000 rubles;
  • 3 casino tournaments with a drawing of 4,000,000 rubles;
  • betting tournament with a draw of 500,000 rubles.

As part of the “Winter Cup”, the participants in the series will receive credit points and fight for a place in the ranking. The top 25 players of the rating will be divided by 2,000,000 rubles($30,000): the winner of the rating will get 500,000 rubles, and the minimum payment will be 15,000 rubles.

The series will also host a special lottery with a drawing of 500,000 rubles. To participate in the lottery, players need to participate in each of the three events of the “Winter Cup” – in a poker, casino and betting tournament. 35 lottery winners will be randomly determined with a maximum prize of 100,000 rubles.

Main events

The main event of the “Winter Cup” will be the Main Tournament of the Year (TG) – a two-day tournament for 10,000 rubles. and with a guarantee of 5,500,000 rubles. Every day from November 21 to December 21 there will be qualifying satellites with a draw of 5 tickets for the State Tretyakov Gallery.

Players will be able to participate in satellites for free if they gain 1,000+ credit points within 24 hours. Before the Main Event there will also be a mega-satellite with a drawing of 100 tickets.

The series will host a special tournament “Russian Bear” for 1,000 rubles. and with a guarantee of 250,000 rubles. The winner will get several prizes at once:

  • prize;
  • cup;
  • TG ticket;
  • ticket to the heads-up tournament with Darya Feschenko, where the player can win 50,000 rubles. for winning the tournament or guaranteed to receive 25,000 rubles. for second place.

$1=68 RUB

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