RedStar lottery in May

As usual the RedStar lottery will be full of prizes. The main prize of the lottery in May is Samsung Galaxy S9.

The total prize fund of April lottery will reach $30,000, which includes about 11,000 prizes. In order to participate in the lottery you need lottery tickets, which you can get by completing  a number of missions.

Missions to get a lottery ticket:

– Make a deposit
– Play 250 hands after any cash tables
– Place a bet in a total of $100 in the casino
– Make a tweet @RedStar_Gaming with your casino winnings of $20 and more (screenshot or link). The game for free spins is not counted

Maximum one lottery ticket per day is given for completing any of these missions.

The number of collected tickets can be found by logging into the RedStar website in the Lottery section. Each ticket is used to spin the wheel, which will determine your prize.

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