RedStar Poker Lottery in August

RedStar presents its new lottery draw to its players. The main super prize of which will be Quadrocopter Parrot Bebop 2 Red & SkyController Black! You also expect a lot of other diverse prizes – iPhone 7, Xbox One Microsoft 1Tb, headphones, money on the game account, tournament tickets, reload bonuses! The total number of prizes that will be raffled during the lottery will reach 8,000, and the total prize pool will exceed $25,000!

Regardless of whether you like playing or you will have a chance to win the Parrot Bebop 2 Red & SkyController Black top prize, as well as the iPhone 7 and a bunch of other prizes. Each lottery ticket is winning! Each participant of the lottery will become the owner of one of the prizes!

How to get a ticket

In order to receive a lottery ticket, you must perform one (or several) of the daily tasks:

  • Just make a deposit (maximum one ticket per day)
  • Play 250 hands in one day for any poker tables for real money. Hands, played in tournaments, do not go into credit (maximum one ticket per day)
  • Make bets on $100 in the casino (maximum one ticket per day). The rates on the live games of the Evolution provider in offsetting the amount of bets to receive this ticket do not go.
  • Make bets on $100 in the casino on the live games of the Evolution provider.
  • Make a Tweet @RedStar_Gaming with a screenshot (or a link to it) of your winnings in the RedStar casino (the minimum winnings must be $20 or more).
  • You can place a maximum of one tweet with a screenshot per day – a maximum of one ticket per day

Important: in order to be able to receive lottery tickets for tweets, you must necessarily update your profile on the RedStar website by specifying your Twitter account in the Account menu. Screenshot with the win should be the current month!

How to win a prize

After you complete the task, you will be credited with a lottery ticket (the crediting time depends on the mission completed).

All you need to do is go to our site in the lottery section, enter your login and password – after which you will see how many tickets you have available. Each lottery ticket is a guaranteed prize, and which one – you will know by making a spin on the drum!

Log in to the RedStar website with your name and password to see your results

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