Online Russian Roulette game for money

Russian Roulette is a well-known game all over the world. By the most widespread rules of the game one boss then the drum is several times turned so that players don’t know where the unique boss is located is loaded into the empty revolver cylinder. After that players in turn bring a revolver trunk to own head and press a trigger. Playing on the Internet, of course, nobody shoots himself and risks his life, but the amount of money is staked, and sometimes the size is not small.

It is necessary to tell that a game absolutely arcadian and any interest, like earnings money, it doesn’t represent. It is a game rather for entertainment which it is possible to play with friends or just to test good luck with other, casual players. The purpose of a game is simple — to survive and take away money of all participants.

Where to play Russian Roulette online for money:

Russian Roulette for money from Vbet Games (visit website)

In the Russian Roulette from Vbet Games at the same time can play from 2nd to 6 people, rates from 10 cents to €100. The game purpose — “to survive”, i.e. even after several rounds to continue to remain the active participant of a game. At the beginning of the game the participant selects the empty seat behind the desktop. After all players gather, each of them clicks “is ready”, and a game begins. If at least one of participants didn’t press the button “is ready”, then he leaves, and a game doesn’t begin until instead of it the new player joins the desktop.

Process of a game: All revolvers have 5 cartridges and one single bullet, thus regardless of the number of participants, a game can continue at most 5 rounds. Players at the same time make the move.

The participant of a game can choose action:

— To shoot (to be shot) or
— A pass (to stop a game)

If the player shoots and survives, then he has an opportunity to pass into a next round. If after a shot he was shot, then a game for him is ended, and other participants continue to play.

If all participants were shot, and have left a game, then the prize fund is divided into all players who have reached the current round.

If all 5 opportunities for firing have been used, then the prize fund shares between all participants who “have survived” at that time.

If all participants have told “pass”, then a game is considered complete and the prize fund shares between all participants who “have survived” at that time.

If a game has begun and has ended with the identical number of participants, then the prize fund is divided into all.

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