Satellites to IPO in Dublin at Unibet Poker

The IPO (International Poker Open) in Dublin is a fairly old, popular in Europe poker event. In the event, usually an average of 1000 players participate. The prize fund of the tournament as a whole is €250,000.

 From 20 to 24 October guests will be greeted by Bonnington Hotel, in which the IPO event will take place.

Through the satellites at Unibet Poker you can get to the tournament for a small fee.

At the end of each week in the tournament for €33 will be played 9 seats for the event. Also, satellites with a buy-in of €5.5 are played daily, where six seats are played for the main Sunday selection tournament.


  • Transport costs and accommodation during the tournament are paid by the players themselves.
  • Each player can get up to six places in the tournament.
  • It is not possible to exchange a won place for cash, but players can exchange unused tickets for bonus points if they participate in an IPO.

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