Showtime Hold’em – new format at PokerStars

In the line of poker products of the largest PokerStars room appeared a new game – Showtime Hold’em. This version of poker will be available only for a limited period and it differs from traditional hold’em in that the player’s pocket cards become visible as soon as the player drops his hand.

It is worth noting that you do not have to show your hand if you won the hand before the showdown, so the possibilities for bluffing are preserved.

In turn, the opportunity to see the hands of opponents will help to know how other players play, and taking into account the dropped hands, you can better calculate the outs and chances of the bank.

Showtime Hold’em can be found at PokerStars in the lobby of cash games with rates from $0.02/ $0.05 to $5/ $10.

In Showtime-hold’em you can:

  • Get more information and make better decisions in every hand.
  • Get more fun with the game, bluffing the opponent to fold cards to find them!
  • To see a more holistic picture, knowing that the opponents fold, you can adjust your style of play.

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