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Turning Stone casino employs approximately 4,500 people.

Turning Stone Casino, located in Verona, New York, is a renowned resort and casino complex that offers a wide range of amenities, including gaming, entertainment, dining, and accommodation options. The casino is one of the largest employers in the region, providing numerous job opportunities for the local community and beyond.

According to available data, Turning Stone casino employs approximately 4,500 people. These individuals work across various departments and roles within the establishment, contributing to its efficient operation and ensuring a memorable experience for visitors.

Turning Stone Casino’s employment figures highlight the significant impact it has on the local economy. The casino serves as a major source of employment, stimulating job growth and providing a stable income for many individuals in the area. It also helps in attracting tourists and boosting the overall tourism industry in Upstate New York.

To delve deeper into the significance of job creation, let’s reflect upon a quote by Richard Florida, an American urban studies theorist: “No place prospers solely through material consumption. It prospers through the skilled activities and care of its people.” This quote emphasizes the crucial role played by the workforce in driving economic development and growth.

Here are some interesting facts about Turning Stone Casino and its employment landscape:

  1. Diverse Range of Job Opportunities: Turning Stone Casino offers a diverse range of job opportunities spanning various sectors, such as gaming, hospitality, entertainment, culinary, and administration. From blackjack dealers and waitstaff to hotel staff and marketing professionals, the casino caters to a wide array of skill sets.

  2. Employee Benefits: In addition to providing job opportunities, Turning Stone Casino prioritizes the well-being of its employees by offering competitive wages and a comprehensive benefits package. This includes healthcare coverage, retirement plans, employee discounts, and career development programs.

  3. Positive Impact on Local Economy: As one of the largest employers in the region, Turning Stone Casino’s workforce plays a pivotal role in driving economic growth. The jobs created by the casino contribute to the local tax base, supporting public services, infrastructure development, and community initiatives.

  4. Commitment to Local Hiring: Turning Stone Casino places a strong emphasis on hiring from the local community. By prioritizing local talent, the casino fosters a sense of community involvement and reinforces its commitment to supporting the region’s economic development.

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To provide a visual representation of Turning Stone Casino’s employment breakdown, the following table showcases some of the key departments and their respective workforce size. Please note that these figures are a hypothetical representation and may not reflect the accurate current employment distribution:

Department Estimated Workforce
Gaming 2,000
Hospitality 1,000
Culinary 500
Entertainment 300
Administration 400
Others 300
Total 4,500

In conclusion, Turning Stone Casino’s employment landscape represents a substantial source of job opportunities, positively impacting the local community and economy. By providing a wide range of employment options and fostering community development, the casino has become a significant contributor to the overall prosperity and well-being of the region.

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How much does Turning Stone Casino make a year?
Turning Stone Resort Casino’s revenue is $34.0 million.
Turning Stone Resort Casino has 1,004 employees, and the revenue per employee ratio is $33,864. Turning Stone Resort Casino peak revenue was $34.0M in 2022.
How big is Turning Stone Casino?
As a response to this: 125,000 square foot

Turning Stone Resort Casino
No. of rooms 709 (across four hotels)
Total gaming space 125,000 square foot Las Vegas-style gaming floor
Signature attractions PGA-quality golf course, spa, showroom, and 5,000-seat arena
Notable restaurants TS Steakhouse, Tin Rooster
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How many employees does Oneida Nation Enterprises have?
Response to this: At Oneida Nation Enterprises, we’re committed to being “First with Our Team.” That means looking out for each other, even during challenging times. Learn what it’s like to be a part of ONE. More than 4,000 strong, we’re among the largest employers in the region.
What tribe owns Turning Stone Casino?
As a response to this: Turning Stone Resort Casino is one of 11 properties owned by Oneida Indian Nation of New York. The following ownership information is a subset of that available in the Gaming Business Directory published by Casino City Press.
Who owns Turning Stone Resort Casino?
Response to this: Turning Stone Resort Casino is a Native American resort casino owned and operated by the Oneida Indian Nation of New York (OIN) in Verona, New York .
What jobs are open at Turning Stone Resort Casino?
The reply will be: Positions currently open also include Sous Chef, Lead Cooks, Line Cooks and Stewards. Immediate openings for Sportsbook Cashiers. $15/hour, Great benefits, 401K. Gain valuable experience and get started on an excellent career path. Tradespeople needed at all levels of experience, across Turning Stone Resort Casino and 25 other properties.
Are guns allowed at Turning Stone Casino?
Firearms or weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited on the gaming floor. Firearms and weapons are also strictly prohibited in all other areas of the resort unless permitted in writing by Turning Stone Resort Casino Security. The use of electronic devices for purposes of cheating or predicting the outcome of a bet is strictly prohibited.
Where can I check on items at Turning Stone Casino?
The reply will be: These items can be checked on at the Bell Desk located at The Tower Front Desk or the Coat Check. Guests who are excluded from any other Oneida Indian Nation Gaming facility are not permitted in any gaming areas of Turning Stone Resort Casino. What promotions are happening today?

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