Stars Rewards from Pokerstars – prizes worth $10,000,000!

PokerStars launched its new Stars Rewards loyalty program, which has pleasant differences from last-year Vip-program. The main advantage of this program is prizes worth $10,000,000! More than 1000 prizes $1000 for each, and you can get them, just playing your regular games no matter if its , casino or sports betting.

Random gifts are played out among all players who have subscribed to the Stars Rewards loyalty program. That is, to participate in the prize draw, enough:

  • Register in the Stars Rewards program in the My Stars section of the mobile application and click “Start” button
  • Earn points by simply playing any real money on PokerStars products, regardless of the bet.

Points Stars Rewards accumulate until the player reaches a certain amount of points corresponding to one of more than a thousand prizes. Each player is assigned a personal amount of points to be dialed. When the goal is reached, the player receives a mysterious gift in the form of a Chest of one of six colors, each of which has a certain value.

As we said, there are six different types of chests, each with a maximum prize value:

Red Chest – $100 max
Blue Chest – $100 max
Bronze Chest – $500 max
Silver Chest – $500 max
Gold Chest – $1,000 max
Platinum Chest – $1,000 max

The prize can be any combination of cash, tournament tickets, casino games, free sports betting, extra bonus points, etc. But that does not mean that you can get any of them. Fortunately, Stars Rewards gifts will be adapted for each player, so if a PokerStars player has never made a bet in the sport, he will not receive a reward in the form of a free bet.

The more you play, the more chests. If the chest does not contain general prizes, then you will certainly get your personal prize for achievements, since Stars Rewards has several categories of prizes:

Random prizes that give each player a chance to win a big prize, no matter how much he is playing.
Individual prizes to adjust rewards to each specific player
Prizes of the mission, which are given for the achievement of certain points, which increase with each achievement. But the prizes from this become more valuable.

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